GR Makers is officially closed. Thanks for 6 great years!


Whether your idea is a work of art, a solution to a problem, or business in the making, GR Makers is here to help. In our space you'll find the tools and the expertise you need to turn your idea into something real. Here's a list of just a few of the things we've made lately.

Persistence Too

Persistence2 GR Maker Joe Simon built Persistence Too, a hands-on laser "spirograph" that allows viewers to use a laser dot to create an amazing array of visual patterns. Come into the space and give it a go.

3D Printers

We've built a number of RepRap 3D printers for members. We are still working to complete the final printer which will be available in the space. Come help us and learn how to build your own printer.

Door Badge Reader

GR Makers itself is a project in the making and we often work together to improve the space. Our door badge reader, which lets members into the space, is a home-brew RFID system that links to our membership database.

Photo Booth

Photobooth We built a full-sized two-sided photo booth with a touch-screen Linux interface. We rent the booth for parties and events as a way of generating additional funds for the space. Contact us to inquire about using it at your event.

Screen Printing Shirts

Molly and Justin built their own screen printing rig and asked GR Makers to bring in their own light-colored t-shirts to have the GR Makers logo printed on them. We'd love to expand this capability in the future.

GrrCon Badges

We hand-built over 200 admission badges for the GrrCon conference. Based on the Arduino Uno, the badges were fully-functional, USB-programmable LED signboards that scrolled any text.

3D Printing Projects

GR Makers is regularly littered with small toys, gizmos, gadgets, and prototypes from a wide array of 3D printers. We love this new technology and take any opportunity to experiment with it.


A hobby project created by Kyle Hilla, the Aircade is a desk built to resemble a classic arcade game and outfitted with a number of gaming systems. Kyle is now looking for ways to turn his project into a business.


Foam Buddy

Foam buddy Foam Buddy, created by GR Maker Gary Hammerlund, is a portable refillable low pressure spray foam insulation system designed for weatherization crews, diy, and small insulation projects encountered in new and existing construction projects. The Foam Buddy weighing in just under 50lbs is uniquely positioned between a can of Great Stuff and a professional spray foam rig.

GR Makers helped Gary with engineering, welding, and advice as he moved from prototype to first his production units. He was funded by Start Garden and has a number of customers. He is currently working to grow his customer base and scale his business.


Kloqe KLOQE is the world's first all-aluminum iPhone case that doesn't affect your reception, and inventor Sergio Troiani started his journey to a successful Kickstarter campaign right here at GR Makers.

A number of innovative features set KLOQE apart from the competition. Chamfered edges and an anodized aluminum body perfectly match KLOQE to your iPhone. A simple two-piece body slides together and locks into place with no tools needed. But before Sergio reached his beautifully simple design he began by rapidly prototyping with the help of other GR Makers and 3D printing.

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Flush Down

GR Maker Thomas Reminga built a working prototype of an automatic toilet seat closer and then went on to receive funding from Start Garden. With his clever invention you just lift up the lid and seat as you normally would, then flush when you're done—the seat will slowly and automatically descend.

Other members of GR Makers helped Tom overcome a number of engineering hurdles to ensure the seat closes every time. He also received help in building a display unit that was used at local pet stores to showcase his invention.

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Maqion Winner of best overall Startup and best business model at Startup Weekend Grand Rapids 2014 MAQION is a cloud-connected lock that confirms safety certification before enabling access. It started with the simple idea that GR Makers needs to provide safety locks on our most dangerous and delicate tools and turned into a business concept over the course of the weekend.

The team was comprised of a large number of designers, developers, and engineers from GR Makers including Mark Van Holstyn, Samuel Bowles, Mark Farver, Ryan Quellet, Josh Yuhas, Shawn Melton, and Jeff DeMaagd. The project is an excellent example of how the collaboration that is at the heart of GR Makers can be leveraged to create amazing things.